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The broad aim of Regenerative Medicine is to engineer, regenerate, or replace tissue using natural growth and repair.

At Medfit Of Georgia we focus on the latest Regenerative Medicine Treatments. We deliver a custom treatment plan based on your health goals. Our Regenerative Wellness Treatment Options include:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Hair Restoration

Allograft Suspension

Our experienced and professional staff believe in individual treatment and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Whether you are new to injections or a long time self-care enthusiast, our treatments are crafted to enhance your confidence, energy and your overall well-being.


Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medical treatment used to supplement testosterone levels in individuals who have low levels of this hormone. Testosterone is a crucial hormone primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics, but it also plays a role in other bodily functions, such as muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell production, and mood regulation.

As you age, your testosterone level gradually declines. Testosterone Replacement Therapy, otherwise known as TRT, can improve the signs and symptoms of low testosterone in men. Symptoms include:


Poor Concentration

Depressed Mood


Low Libido (Sex Drive)

Sexual / Erectile Dysfunction

Decreased Muscle Mass / Increased Body Fat

The Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Include:

Increased Energy Levels

Improved Cholesterol Levels

Increased Muscle Mass

Improved Sexual Function

Improved Bone Density

Improved Body Composition

Reduction In Body Fat

Mood Control

If you are a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), our medical experts outline a plan specifically tailored for you. Our program includes:

Consultation with our medical teams to evaluate

Testosterone levels as well as overall health.

Your needs and address your specific goals such as anti-aging, weight loss, sexual health, muscle growth & repair, and more.

Testosterone Injections - a synthetic form of testosterone injected into the thigh or upper arm daily, weekly, or bi-weekly using a tiny, subcutaneous needle which is painless.

Testosterone Lipoderm Cream - a synthetic form of testosterone rubbed into the groin area daily.

How soon can I expect results?

Week 1-2

Increase in mental sharpness and energy. An elimination of a mild to moderate depression.

Week 3-4

Better results from exercise and weight control efforts. More energy. An increase in sex drive.

*** It's important to note that individual responses to testosterone therapy can vary, and not everyone will experience the same benefits over the same time period.


Membership Only

$99 Initial Consult / $229 Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership Includes:

Monthly Testosterone

Monthly DIM Support

Monthly FSH / LH Stimulator

Anastrazole PRN

Any F/U Maintenance Labs

$99 Initial Consult / $169 Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership Includes:

Monthly Testosterone

Anastrozole PRN


(Platelet-Rich Plasma) HAIR RESTORATION

PRP injections can be effective in treating male pattern baldness, both in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. PRP can also aid in the stimulation of hair growth after hair transplants.

For-Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

Advantages - Uses Your Own Platelets. No Risk Of Rejection Or Reaction

Suitable For - Everyone

Results Seen - Varies, Best Results After 3-5 Sessions

Down Time - None

Lasts- Can Be Permanent

PRP is a substance that contains concentrated proteins and growth factors that stimulate the formation of blood vessels. Hair follicles need a healthy blood supply to function properly. Without healthy circulation, follicles can’t encourage hair growth. By extracting PRP from your own blood, the team at Medfit Of Georgia can activate growth factors that stimulate new hair development. Our medical team injects PRP directly into your hairline and thinning areas of the scalp — regions where you experience the most hair loss as you age.

Unlike medications, creams, and surgical treatments, PRP harnesses your own growth factors to restore your hair.

When will I see results from hair restoration?

While you may see visible improvements after your first treatment, you can expect full results after 6-12 months. The team may recommend returning for maintenance injections a couple times a year.


PRP Hair Restoration - $2500

PRP Hair Restoration Smaller Areas - $500 Individual / Pack Of 3 $1200

Exesome Hair Treatment - $2500


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