Medical Weight Loss


At Medfit Of Georgia, our experienced team of experts and weight loss specialists specifically tailor a program designed for your individual success. Our programs are designed to not only help you reach your weight loss goal, but also to learn how to maintain your goal weight and keep the weight off forever. We account for every detail and design a plan that's perfect for you.

Our medical approach to weight loss accounts for every detail to eradicate stubborn fat and help you achieve your highest level of health to help you feel your absolute best. Our programs include:


Lipotropic Injection

Fat-Burning Amino Acids





Our comprehensive and personalized approach to weight loss, focuses on both medical and lifestyle interventions to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals in a safe and effective manner.

Common components of our medical weight loss programs include:

Medical Evaluation - A thorough medical assessment is conducted at the beginning of the program to evaluate the individual's overall health, identify any underlying medical conditions or risk factors, and determine the appropriate course of action.

Personalized Treatment Plan - Based on the individual's medical history, current health status, and weight loss goals, healthcare professionals create a tailored treatment plan. This plan may include dietary guidelines, exercise recommendations, and medication or other medical interventions.

Nutritional Guidance - Registered dietitians or nutritionists provide guidance on healthy eating habits, portion control, meal planning, and strategies to address emotional eating or food cravings.

Exercise & Physical Activity - Fitness experts or exercise specialists develop personalized exercise programs that take into account the individual's fitness level, medical conditions, and weight loss goals.

Medications / Supplements - In certain cases, healthcare professionals may prescribe medications or recommend supplements to assist with weight loss.

Regular Monitoring & Support - Regular check-ins allow for progress evaluation, adjustments to the treatment plan, and addressing any concerns or obstacles.



1 Month Package

$99 Initial Consult With Labs

$300 - Dose x 5 Weeks

3 Month Package

$99 Initial Consult With Labs

$850 - Dose x 13 Weeks


$99 Initial Consult With Labs

$500 Per Month At Any Dose With MIC- B, Monthly IV


1 Month Package

$99 Initial Consult With Labs

$400 - 2.5 mg (25 units) - Dose x 4 Weeks

$450 - 5 mg (50 units) - Dose x 4 Weeks

$575 - 7.5 mg (75 units) - Dose x 4 Weeks

$675 - 10 mg (100 units) - Dose x 5 Weeks

3 Month Package

$99 Initial Consult With Labs

$1750 - Starting At Initial Dose (Dose x 13 Weeks)

A La Carte

B12 W/ Package $20, B12 W/O Package $25

MIC-B W Package $20, MIC B W/O Package $25



April 1 - May 31, 2024

  • Decrease Appetite & Cravings
  • Safe / Effective Once Weekly Injection
  • Burns Fat & Boosts Energy
  • Real Weight Loss Results

1 Month Package

$350 - Dose x 5 Weeks

Now Only $300

LipoB12 - $75

33% Off

Now Only $50

1 Month Package

$500 (5mg) - Dose x 4 Weeks

Now Only $450

$650 (7.5mg) - Dose x 4 Weeks

Now Only $575

$750 (10mg) - Dose x 5 Weeks

Now Only $675


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